Autoloc 8 Channel Remote Control Keyless Entry System 2 Key Fob Lock Unlock Door

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AutoLöc’s 8 Channel Programmable Keyless Entry System allows you to control up to 8 separate functions from one remote. The 8 channels/functions can be used to control any 12 Volt accessory. Lock/unlock doors, pop hood/trunk, control windows up/down, activate horn, remote start, and more! Universal Kit. Works on any vehicle.

*** Adding accessories to your keyless entry may require additional parts


- CODE ROLLING TECHNOLOGY: Beware of cheap fixed code remote systems. Fixed code systems make it easy for thieves to capture your unique remote transmission code. AutoLoc’s keyless entry is made with code rolling/hopping technology. Code rolling uses encryption methods making it difficult for thieves to capture or break the encryption.

- CODE LEARNING: Lost remote, no problem. This system can learn up to 4 different remotes. Each remote has its own separate coded frequency. Additional available for purchase.

- PARKING LIGHT OUTPUT: AutoLöc’s Keyless Entry offers a built-in parking light output. Lights will flash once for lock and twice for unlock. This visual cue gives you confirmation that the remote transmission was received.

- STARTER KILL OUTPUT: This unit can be set to automatically disable your ignition wire when you lock your doors. In the event of a break in a car thief will not be able to start your vehicle.

- BLUETOOTH SMARTPHONE APP: Securely control remote functions for your car or home from your phone, all in one place. Allows you to tailor settings and outputs for the ultimate customization.

* Includes; 2 Remote Key Fobs, Wiring Harness, Control Module, Detailed Instructions, Free Live USA Tech Support, and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

---------------------- :: KEYLESS ENTRY UNIT
Channels :: 8 Channels/Functions
# of Remotes :: 2
Voltage :: 12 Volts
Start Disable :: Yes
Harness :: Plug-N-Play
Code Rolling :: Yes
Code Learning :: Yes
Constant & Pulse Outputs :: Yes
Parking Light Output :: Yes
Lock/Unlock :: Yes
Trunk Pop :: Yes
Fuse Protection :: Yes
Long Range :: Yes
Universal Fit :: Yes
---------------------- :: CONTROLLER
Material :: ABS Plastic
Height :: 1.25"
Length :: 2.75"
Width :: 2.75"
---------------------- :: TRANSMITTERS
Material :: ABS Plastic
Height :: .5"
Length :: 1.75"
Width :: 1.5"
---------------------- :: OTHER
Bluetooth App :: Yes
Instructions :: Detailed Instructions
Warranty :: Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Fast to install and use! Simple to install and immediately worked correctly.
– Charles S.

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– Eugene N.

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