Engine Start Activation Push Button


Engine Start Activation

Activate your car with a push of a button!

Engine Start Feature Programmable


Engine Start Feature Plug In Harnesses

Plug In Harnesses

No Cutting

LED Illuminated Push Button LED Illuminated Push Button Mobile

LED Illuminated Push Button!

Universal & Direct Fit Kits include a 22mm momentary billet push button. Choose from 6 vibrant illumination colors or non illuminated.

Choose Your Kit

Control Module Only

Control Module Only

AutoLöc's Remote Engine Start Controller allows you to activate your car with a push of a button. Programmable crank time and accessory power make it ideal for push button start applications. Button not included.
Push Button Start Kits

Universal Push Button Start Kits

Convert your old caveman keyed ignition into today's standards. The push button start has a one-button activation for your accessory, ignition and engine start with programmable cranking times that make it ideal for any ride. L.E.D. illuminated buttons are available in 6 different colors.
GM Push Button Start Kits

Direct Fit GM Column Push Button Start Kits

AutoLöc's Keyed Ignition to Billet Aluminum Push Button Start Direct GM Column Fit Conversion Kits allow you to easily convert your old classic GM keyed ignition into a keyless push engine start system. All kits include a GM column insert to make installation a snap.
GMC with Keyless Entry using Remote and Smartphone App


Kits Available with Keyless Entry & RFID Activation!

Combine our Push Button Start Kits with Keyless Entry with Programmable Smartphone App and/or a Hands-Free Immobilizer for the ultimate in vehicle security and ease-of-use.



Do I have to program the module?

Yes, the engine start control module will not function until it is programmed with the recommended default settings. See our instructions for help.

Will the start system work with any button?

Any momentary style button can be used with the control module.

Will the start system work with diesel engines?

There are settings for the control module to accommodate most any engine application.

How do I get in with RFID if my battery dies?

In most cases the key will still allow entry into the vehicle. If your vehicle is shaved you will want a safety system installed for entry with or without RFID.

Do I need a remote with RFID?

No, when setup correctly RFID can unlock your car when you get close and allow the start function to work.

Will the remotes still work with RFID setup?

Yes, the remotes can be setup to work in conjunction with RFID.

Do I have to be in the car for the remote to work? If not how far away will it work?

You do not have to be in the car for the remotes to work. AutoLöc remotes are long range and will work up to 50 yards away from the module.

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Wanted to update my car to push button start. This kit did the trick! Looks great installed & works as expected.

– Lori M.

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