Flat Glass 12V Power Window Conversion Kit with One Touch Billet Crank Switches

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AutoLöc's Universal 2 Door One-Touch Flat Glass Power Window Kit with Window Crank Handle Switches allows you to convert your original manual windows into a completely new power system. Works with original factory window crank handles, AutoLöc custom window crank handles, or any other after-market handle.

No need for cutting to fit factory style plastic rocker switches. Now you can control your power windows with original or after-market window crank handles of your choice. Simply push the handle up or down 15 degrees to control each window. Kit includes 5 spline/shafts to fit almost any round or square shaft. Switches are made out of solid billet aluminum with stainless steel fasteners.

AutoLöc's revolutionary Super Glide window design assures easy installation and guaranteed smooth operation. To ensure safety, AutoLöc's power window kits are manufactured with a positive dead lock stop, and return-to-center spring design, resulting in a heavy duty system that won’t break or snap.

One-Touch Control Modules add the convenience of "one touch" up and down operation. To roll the window all the way or or down, push the handle up or down 15 degrees and let go, rather than having to hold on the handle until the window is all the way up or down.

Includes; Detailed Instructions, Free Live USA Technical Support, and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

---------- :: 2 Door Flat Power Window Kit
Universal Power Window Handle Crank Switches :: 2 Included
One-Touch Up & Down Window Modules :: 2 Included
---------- :: Crank Switch
Adapter Shafts to Fit All Windows :: 5 Included
Activation :: Move Switch 15 Degrees Up or Down
Material :: Billet Aluminum
Dead Lock Stop Design :: Will Not Break!
Works With All Power Window Systems :: Yes
Ultra Thin Design :: Yes
Smallest System On The Market :: Yes
---------- :: Window Kit Features
Reinforced Guide Track :: Yes
Adjustable Window Base :: Yes
Worm-Gear Driven Bosch Motors :: Yes
NEW Heavy-Duty Motor :: Smoother, Stronger, Quieter
Custom Mounting Brackets :: Yes
Multi-Position Brackets :: Yes
Durable Motors :: Yes
Adjustable Track :: Yes
Installation :: Easy with Basic Tools
Installation Style :: Bolt-On
Heavy-Duty Regulator :: Yes
Rocker Switches & Harnesses :: NOT INCLUDED
Mounting BAse Holes :: 0.25"
Regulator Length :: 25"
---------- :: One Touch Unit
Compatible with Any Window System :: Yes
Works Off Factory Window Switches :: Yes
Load Sensor :: Yes
Auto Stop :: Yes
May Be Used with Any Remote :: Yes
Works with Alarms :: Yes
Controller :: Microprocessor
---------- :: Other
Instructions :: Detailed Instructions
Warranty :: Limited Lifetime Warranty

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AUTPWWC00 315216
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