2 Door Power Central Lock Kit w/ Car Alarm Security System Remote Keyless Entry

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Autolöc’s Universal Alarm with Remote Keyless Entry and 2 Door Central Locking Power Lock Kit is your complete solution when upgrading from manual locks to power. This kit is also ideal for when it comes to replacing your old or defective OE or aftermarket system. Rather than mismatch different aftermarket parts together, get Autolöc’s total solution. Designed in the USA by a brand you can trust!

- Universal
- Alarm System
- 5-Wire Power Central Locking
- Heavy Duty 8lb Actuator Motors
- Remote Control Keyless Entry (2 Long-Range Remotes Included)
- Uses Existing Manual Door Plungers or Flippers

The central locking feature allows you to to lock and unlock both doors when locking or unlocking the driver side door. With central locking you can rest easy knowing that none of your doors have been left unlocked inadvertently.

No need to cut into your door panel to install after-market switches. Central locking works by manually pulling the door lock plunger or flipper, or by remote.

This Kit comes with a full featured Vehicle Alarm Security System with one of the most advanced Dual-Stage Shock Sensors available. Using technology developed for the Tomahawk Cruise Missile the fully adjustable Shock Sensor features Fuzzy Logic Programming, "warn first" mode, and 5 zones of protection.

This alarm also comes loaded with the following features;

- Built-in Parking Light relays
- Extra Outputs for Additional Accessories
- Code Learning/Rolling Technology
- Remote Shock Adjustment
- Priority Lock/Unlock
- Horn Honk Output
- Parking/Dome Light Supervision
- Ignition Triggered Locks
- Remote Anti-Hijack
- Silent Arm/Disarm
- Fully Adjustable / Fuzzy Logic

Also includes; Detailed Instructions, Limited Lifetime Warranty, and Free Live USA Technical Support.

---------------------- :: CAR DOOR ACTUATORS
# of Actuators :: 2
# of Rods :: 2
# of Brackets :: 2
2 Door Kit :: Yes
Push/Pull Force :: 8 lbs
Alarm Compatible :: Yes
Activation :: Key & Door Plungers
5 Wire Actuators :: Yes
Security System :: Compatible
Reverse Polarity :: Yes
Profile :: Ultra Slim
Voltage :: 12 Volt DC
Amp Absorption :: 4.5 Amp
Temp Range :: 0 - 120 Degrees
Case :: Sonically Sealed
Harness :: Plug-N-Play
High Impact :: Yes
Switches :: Built In Micro-Switches
---------- :: Actuator Dimensions
Width :: 2.75"
Length :: 5.5"
Height :: 1"
Travel Push/Pull :: .75"
---------- :: Mounting Bar
Width :: .5"
Length :: 12"
Height :: .125"
---------------------- :: REMOTE CONTROL
Channels :: 5
Built in Relays :: Yes 6
Parking Lot Relay :: Yes
Door Lock Relays :: Yes
Trunk Release :: Yes
Window Roll :: Yes
Starter Kill :: Yes
Keyless Entry :: Yes
Anti-Car Jacking :: Yes
Channel 3 Output :: Yes
Channel 4 Output :: Yes
External Shock Sensor Plug :: Yes
Dual Stage Sensor :: Yes
Warn First Feature :: Yes
Horn/Siren Output :: Yes
Dome Light Supervision :: Yes
6 Zones Protection :: Yes
Status Memory :: Yes
Anti-Code Grabbing :: Yes
6 Zone Trigger Identification :: Yes
Smart Passive Locking :: Yes
Remote Chirp Delete :: Yes
Fault Tolerant Outputs :: Yes
Auto Arm Output :: Yes
Plug In Sensors :: Yes
Remote Panic :: Yes
Plug-N-Play Harness :: Yes
Plug In Valet Button w/ LED :: Yes
---------------------- :: OTHER
4 Pin to 3 Pin Adapter :: Yes
Installation :: Easy With Basic Tools
Warranty :: Limited Lifetime Warranty

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