Universal Car Backup Reverse Sensor LED Display Radar Sound Parking Alarm Alert

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AutoLöc’s advanced EZ 4 Back Up Sensor Reverse Warning Kit with LED Digital Display Monitor

AutoLöc’s 4 Back Up Sensor Reverse Warning System sends ultrasonic waves into the space behind your vehicle whenever your vehicle is in reverse. This revolutionary 4 sensor system will automatically detect and warn you of any objects that are hidden from view with an audible pulse tone warning. The closer your vehicle gets to the object, the louder the sound. The bright LED display offers an additional warning, allowing you to visually monitor the distance of any objects or obstructions.

This kit is a must have safety upgrade for any vehicle. Universal fit for cars, tucks, SUVs, RVs, camper vans, buses, fleet vehicles, and more! Detailed instructions ensure easy installation even for the weekend mechanic. Includes free live USA tech support and AutoLöc’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. Hole saw included!

Please Note:
Some vehicles may require a rubber grommet housing for sensors to function properly. Some surfaces (such as metal or chrome bumpers) may cause interference with the operation of this unit due to ultrasonic wave emissions, causing a false reading that may be corrected with the use of an appropriate grommet These grommets can, in some situations, protrude up to a 1/4” from the bumper surface. Appropriate grommets can often be obtained at your local hardware/automotive parts store.

System :: Back Up Sensors
Display :: Directional Detection LCD Display
# of Sensors :: 4 Deluxe Sensors
Audible :: Multi-Sequence Tones
Harness :: Plug-n-Play
Array :: Super Wide Angle
Ideal For :: Parking In Crowded Areas
Installation :: Easy with Basic Tools
Safety :: Detects Impacts
Mounting :: Flush Mount
Custom :: Paint or Wrap
Support :: Free Live USA Tech Support

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AUTBS4D 18379
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