Autoloc 5 Channel 12V Remote Control Keyless Entry System Kit w/ Built-in Relays

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AutoLöc’s 5 Channel Programmable Remote Keyless Entry System allows you to control up to 5 separate functions from one remote. The 5 channels/functions can be used to control any 12 Volt operation. Lock/unlock doors, pop hood/trunk, run windows up/down, activate horn, remote start, etc. (May require additional parts) Universal Kit. Works on any vehicle.

The keyless entry control unit includes built in relays for easy install, reduceing wiring time by as much as 70%. Built-In door lock relays work on negative, positive and five wire systems.

- Built-In Door Lock & Unlock Relay: With B.I.R.T (Built-In Relay Technology) Compatible with all door locking systems, including reverse polarity!

- Independent 4 Button Remote: Push button 1 to lock doors, and button 2 to unlock. Use button #3 & #4 to activate additional accessory outputs.

- Code Learning: Lose your remotes? No problem. AutoLöc's 5 Channel system can learn up to 4 different remotes. Each remote has its own coded frequency to ensure your vehicle's protection.

- Parking Light Output: AutoLöc Keyless Entry Systems offer a built-in parking light output. System can be installed to flash the parking lights once on lock and twice on unlock. This visual conformation the safety and security of your vehicle.

- Starter Kill Output: In order to protect your vehicle when you lock your doors by remote the unit automatically cuts your ignition wire. In the event of a break in a car thief will not be able to start your vehicle!

- 2 Remote Key Fobs
- Wiring Harness
- Control Module (With B.I.R.T - Built-In Relay Technology)
- Valet Switch
- Indicator Light

Detailed Instructions, Free Live USA Tech Support, and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Channels :: 5 Channels/Functions
B.I.R.T. :: Yes Built In Relays!
Axess™ Compatible :: Yes
Code Learning :: Yes
Output :: Constant & Pulse
Parking Output :: Yes
Ignition Kill :: Yes
# of Remotes :: Two Included
Control Module :: Yes w/ B.I.R.T.
Plug-N-Play :: Yes
Valet Switch :: Yes
LED Indicator :: Yes
Voltage :: 12 Volt DC
Lock/Unlock :: Yes
Long Range :: Yes
Reverse Polarity :: Compatible
Warranty :: Limited Lifetime Warranty

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